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If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in Afghanistan, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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05 January 2009
Children encouraged to promote volunteerism in Afghanistan 
Kabul, Afghanistan: The UNV Country Team in Afghanistan celebrated International Volunteer Day (IVD) in Kabul on 4 December 2008 in the Allaoddin national orphanage.  Read article
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17 December 2007
Youth empowerment, strengthening democracy in Afghanistan 
Kabul, Afghanistan: The IVD 2007 celebrations in Afghanistan were focused on involving the Afghan Youth to volunteer. In cooperation with numerous UN agencies and Local Youth Councils, UNV programme (UNDP and UNAMA) organized the Local Youth Councils and Youth Parliament to come up with project proposals within the framework of the MDGs.   Read article
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27 November 2007
Volunteers organize countrywide events for IVD in Afghanistan 
Kabul, Afghanistan: To mark International Volunteer Day (IVD) on 5 December, the United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) in Afghanistan, together with Local Youth Councils (LYC)  are planning to organize several activities around different regions of Afghanistan to promote volunteerism and to raise awareness on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  Read article
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05 June 2007
Volunteers target children in effort to eradicate polio by James McCarten
Kandahar, Afghanistan: Health officials launched a different sort of Afghan offensive Sunday as a brigade of volunteer soldiers armed with clipboards, chalk and tiny bottles of vaccine fanned out across the city, hunting an invisible enemy that preys on the poor and the young.  Read article
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16 March 2007
Taliban prevents volunteers, health workers to vaccinate children 
Gulalai, 45, a resident of Madabat village, 15 km east of Tarinkot, provincial capital of Afghanistan's central Oruzgan province would like to vaccinate her children against polio, but insecurity in the restive province has prevented health officials and volunteers from visiting her. Polio is endemic in Afghanistan (© Ali Mohammad Khoshal/IRIN)
Tarinkot, Afghanistan: Taliban and other anti-government insurgents are preventing health workers and volunteers to vaccinate children against polio in remote parts of Afghanistan.  Read article
From: AlertNet
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A magical, tragic place 
Forty years ago they were a group of young women traveling into the mountains of Afghanistan. They were volunteers bringing small pox vaccine, and their job was to vaccinate everyone — infants, old people, women, men. From their sheltered lives in the United States, they thrust themselves into one of the poorest places on earth. Decades later the United Nations declared small pox had been eradicated around the world.  Visit site
Afghanistan marks Peace Day with polio vaccinations and ceasefire 
Medics with polio vaccinations pushed into some of Afghanistan's most volatile provinces on the United Nations' Peace Day Sunday, with a Taliban pledge they should not be harmed during the three-day drive. According to the World Health Organisation country representative, about 14,000 health workers and volunteers aimed to deliver vaccinations to 1.85 million children under the age of five in six provinces.  Visit site
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22 November 2006, 10:26
Volunteerism amid turmoil 
Here in Afghanistan we are doing an event within the UN family. We have many security restrictions here, so our idea was to start promoting volunteerism within the UN family.  Read entry
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