Children encouraged to promote volunteerism in Afghanistan
05 January 2009

Kabul, Afghanistan: The UNV Country Team in Afghanistan celebrated International Volunteer Day (IVD) in Kabul on 4 December 2008 in the Allaoddin national orphanage. The contribution of UNV to Afghanistan's peace-building and development processes was highlighted.   

The orphanage has a collaborative partnership with PARSA, an NGO working for orphans and serving more than 200 orphan children aged 5 to 13. PARSA provides programmes are funded by donors for the Healthy Afghan Child Programme, such as life skills, sports and English and computer classes.  They also work with the children to provide them with health care.

During the activity at the orphanage, children listened intently from representatives of UNV in Afghanistan on how they can volunteer in their own ways.  This was also demonstrated when the children helped carrying in the food for their lunch. Likewise, the children were enthused to show their volunteerism spirit by cleaning up the compound after the event.

The theme for IVD 2008 in Afghanistan was: 'Volunteerism is about you, about your family, about your community- it is about changing Afghanistan'.

Some 250,000 free SMS text messages were sent to AWCC (Afghan Wireless Communications Company) mobile phone subscribers by this company to spread the message of volunteerism'.

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