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Volunteers organize countrywide events for IVD in Afghanistan
27 November 2007

Kabul, Afghanistan: To mark International Volunteer Day (IVD) on 5 December, the United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) in Afghanistan, together with Local Youth Councils (LYC)  are planning to organize several activities around different regions of Afghanistan to promote volunteerism and to raise awareness on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Activities related to public health, environmental problems, equal education opportunities and other issues are to be organized by local youth and volunteers in support of UNV and other UN agencies. Different awareness and volunteerism promoting activities will take place in Kabul, Farah, Bamyan, Nangahar, Balkh and other provinces.

During the 5th of December these activities will take place:
1. Activities organized by UNV CO and UNV Support Unit in cooperation with UN HABITAT and Local Youth Councils (LYC):

  • Balkh province: raising the awareness of local youth on HIV/AIDS and Drugs, one day seminar will be organized for 60 members of LYC, the members will be asked to further disseminate the information and printed awareness materials among their peers and communities. It’s expected that as the result of this seminar at least 450 members of local communities will be indirectly informed about HIV/AIDS transmission and drug problematic.
  • Nangahar province: raising of Health and Hygiene awareness, including 5 day seminar for about 100 members of local community, distribution of awareness materials and hygiene items among the participants and among local communities.
  • Bamyan province: in cooperation with IUNV serving in Bamyan, raising of awareness of local communities on health issues, family planning and reproductive health with distribution of awareness materials among local communities.
  • Farah province: activities with orphans, including cultural activities and distribution of donated cloth and of other items.
  • Kabul: support of MDG 2 through painting and modeling activities with over 40+ pre school children of national government body day care center to provide the children an opportunity to discover free artistic expression.

2. Activities organized by UNV volunteers serving in regions:

  • Faizabad: planting of trees, during the inauguration of new school compound, kids of local village will volunteer to plant trees among their village and around the school compound to celebrate IV Day, UNV items and small presents, such as pencils and books, will be distributed among the school kids. The trees are to be donated by WFP Women garden project.
  • Herat: celebration of IV Day together with local NGO working with handicapped persons and handicapped volunteers, cultural event with distribution of small gifts and items with the main aim to improve the work of the volunteers and to have possibility to attract  new volunteers.

3. Activities organized by the members of Youth Parliament:
Kabul: visit of members of the Youth Parliament to one of the children hospital, distribution of health awareness materials and hygiene items. Cultural activity with the kids and local volunteers; speech of the members of the Youth Parliament in front of the National Parliament assembly, the speech should include themes such as importance of Volunteerism, IV Day activities and Youth.

The main goal of planned activities is to encourage local youth volunteers to promote volunteerism, to take active part in community development and nation building, as Afghanistan strives to strengthen democracy and rule of law in the country. Media organizations in Afghanistan will be fully briefed about the outcome of activities and observances in support of International Volunteer Day in Afghanistan.