School clubs join hands to work towards a cleaner Albania
08 December 2005, 15:20
by Bhuvan Silwal

Green Club members clean up the vicinity of the high school in Kukes region of Albania, on 5 December 2005. (Photo: UNDP Albania)Green Club members clean up the vicinity of the high school in Kukes region of Albania, on 5 December 2005. (Photo: UNDP Albania)
With facilitation support from UNDP, there was a full-day programme for celebration of IVD in Kukes Municipality, Albania. The programme had three components: Cleaning campaign by the Green Clubs in the Kukes high school vicinity, interaction programme on IVD in the High school premises, and training on how to manage Green Clubs for club leaders in Kukes district.


After the first cleaning campaign, the interaction programme was held in the school hall. Representatives of the Green Clubs from schools in Topojan, Shtiqen, Bicaj, Gostil, Bardoch, Kukes joined representatives from the Prefecture office, Kukes Municipality and media in this programme.

Fasli Germezi, the school director, highlighted the importance of IVD and appreciated UNDP for its continuous promotion of self-help for sustainable development. Feriz Ahmeti, secretary of the Prefecture, shared the importance of local level youth initiatives in this regard.

Bhuvan Silwal, deputy project manager of UNDP LGP-KRDI, briefed the students about their future potentials in getting engaged in such activities from school age. Bukurosh Onuzi facilitated the programme.

Six Green Clubs brought together 24 participants (including nine girls and three women teachers) to attend the training that was conducted on Green Club management, future scope and development. As part of social mobilization for sustainable development, UNDP LGP had supported setting up of three Green Clubs in 2004. LGP-KRDI not only further strengthened the old ones but supported to establish five new clubs in other schools, thus covering the whole district this year. The clubs undertake different activities for environmental cleaning, awareness on sanitation and gender equality regularly on voluntary basis.

Bhuvan Silwal
Deputy Manager (P)
LGP-KRDI (Local Governance Programme-Kukes Regional Development Initiative), Kukes Region
UNDP Albania

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