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Armenia holds national workshop on volunteering to prepare for IYV 2001
05 December 2000

The first National Workshop on Volunteering was convened in Armenia on 5 December 2000 at the UN Conference Hall. The participants included government representatives and local and international volunteers. The workshop discussed such issues as the meanings and definitions of volunteering, types of volunteering, the benefits of volunteering for the society and for the volunteer, government support to volunteering, International Year of Volunteers 2001 and the activities to plan the IYV in Armenia.

The participants of the workshop highly praised the role, importance and value of volunteering in Armenia and prepared the following recommendations:

  1. The idea of volunteering should be advocated and the society at large in Armenia should be aware on the role and importance of volunteering. Regular campaigns should be carried out to raise awareness on and facilitate the voluntary activity.
  2. To have a clear picture of the sector a research on volunteering should be conducted. The Workshop suggested preparing a publication on volunteering in Armenia and disseminating it widely with the purpose of awareness raising and resource mobilization. 
  3. It was proposed creating a Foundation of Voluntary Initiatives, which will be financed by external and internal resources. The foundation, through tenders, will offer assignments to voluntary organizations and volunteers. A supporting tool for the foundation could be a web based data base with the offers of volunteers or voluntary organizations, through which a best match could be done between the offers of assignments and offers of services.
  4. It was suggested that the national and international organizations with programmes in Armenia consider involving volunteers in their structures and offer voluntary assignments to individuals and organizations.
  5. It was suggested to discuss the Law on Volunteering and Sponsorship with the relevant organizations before submitting it to the Parliament for the final approval.
  6. It was recommended creating a committee for planning the activities of IYV 2001 in Armenia.