Western Australian volunteers to receive Difference Awards for IVD
26 August 2004

Perth: Volunteer Western Australia will be giving out the “Difference Awards” to volunteers who made significant contributions to their communities on International Volunteer Day (IVD), 5 December.

Launched by the Minister for Community Development in 1992, the Difference Award was established by the Volunteer Centre of Western Australia to raise the profile of volunteering within the state and to emphasize the diversity and significance of volunteers’ work in communities.

IVD is the only day of the year that 4.4 million Australians will receive a well-deserved worldwide recognition, according to the organization. Western Australia has some 400,000 volunteers.

"Volunteer effort is pivotal to making the community vibrant and healthy. Historically speaking volunteers are the change agents in our community, often the first to identify gaps and the first to adopt solutions in the community, in many cases without adequate resources, just passion, commitment and resourcefulness,” says Alan Melchert, Executive Director of Volunteering Western Australia.

Last year some hundreds of volunteers received the Difference Awards amongst three categories – individual volunteering, volunteer programmes and volunteering for the arts.

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