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05 January 2009
A journey from within by Rosie Williams
MSF's Camp in Your City tours major cities so that the public can learn directly from MSF fieldworkers how life works in a refugee camp. (R. Williams)
Adelaide, Australia: What makes your average lab technician pack it all in to volunteer in Africa? An interview with Olivia Yacoub, a volunteer with MSF.  Read article
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15 February 2008
Is volunteerism the new vacation? by Jonathan Cheng
Queens, Australia: Students are increasingly spending their vacations immersed in a variety of volunteer work. Royal Military College student Wesley Tse spent last summer in Haiti with a religious organization helping to plan and develop a new orphanage.  Read article
11 February 2008
In Australia, migrants less likely to volunteer says research 
Sydney, Australia: Migrants from non-English speaking countries are less likely to be volunteers than Australian-born people or migrants from English-speaking nations, a new study shows.  Read article
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27 November 2007
Australia launches volunteers' stories book on IVD 
Cover of "Place In World", a collection of volunteer stories published by Australian Volunteers International and launched on IVD, 5 December 2007.
Sydney, Australia: Australian Volunteers International will celebrate the work and commitment of its volunteers with the launch of its new full colour coffee table book "A Place in the World: Stories from Australian Volunteers International" on International Volunteer Day, 5 December.   Read article
08 August 2007
Not a cloud in the way by Rowan Callick
A woman mops the floor in front of a Beijing Olympics volunteers poster in Beijing August 7, 2007. Preparations for next year's Beijing Olympics are on track, organisers said on Monday, shrugging off concerns about food safety, pollution and accusations it has not lived up to its media freedom pledge. The poster reads, "A volunteer's smile is the best name card for Beijing". REUTERS/Claro Cortes IV (China)
China has decreed that it will not rain on the main stadium during the Beijing Olympics next year. This iron-clad assurance comes from Zhang Qiang, the head of Beijing's Weather Manipulation Office, who says "we will provide a guarantee" the stadium will not be rained on through the use of anti-aircraft guns to seed silver iodide sticks into clouds that dare drift towards the arena, thus causing any rain to fall well short.

The two big issues are combating pollution and creating an open-minded, user-friendly army of 100,000 volunteers capable of meeting the demands of a half-million foreigners in a stranger world than some may have imagined.  Read article
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