Volunteers give village a facelift
19 September 2003

Salmabad: Salmabad got a facelift yesterday courtesy of over 70 volunteers who took part in a clean-up of the village.

The annual event was organised by the Salmabad Cultural and Sports Centre with the support of the A'ali Municipality and MBM Alam Flora, who provided an additional 20 personnel to help with the operation.

Centre head Hassan Sabt said the day went smoothly with people of all walks of life taking part.

"Mostly it was youths who took part, but we had a few children as well and even one elderly person," he said.

"We organise the event every year to strengthen the relationship among the people of Salmabad and the village itself and also to make the place look better.

"We picked up household garbage, agricultural waste and also trash from businesses."

Coca Cola and Kia Motors sponsored the event, providing snacks, refreshments, T-shirts, caps and water.

From: Gulf Daily News

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