Volunteers add cheer to children's lives in Bangladesh
16 December 2005, 12:17
by Raissa Muhutdinova

Dear Colleagues:

It is always a great inspiration to all of us to know that among the big family of UNV in Bangladesh there are individuals who not only have professional qualities, skills and knowledge but also have a humanitarian soul which drives them to care about those in need. In addition to their everyday activities such individuals go an "extra mile" to help most vulnerable with at least small things. I am referring to the story of Mr. Suvash Datta Chakma, a National UNV working in Panchari Upazila at CHTDF. He and his colleagues have celebrated International Volunteer Day in their own way.

Recently Suvash and his colleagues received Economic Opportunity Mission comprised of representatives of ILO, WFP and JOBS who came to Chittagong Hill Tracks to research the ways to help local communities to combat poverty through more economic opportunities. After visiting a “para” (locality) called Babura Para in Logang Union the guests have suggested as an immediate action to collect money and buy food for the children. However, Mr. Chakma has proposed to buy winter clothing for the poorest of the poor children from the para.

Having collected 1100 taka, Suvash and his colleagues could buy 10 warm sweaters, two footballs for boys and one carom board for girls.

With the assistance of the community facilitator of the UNDP-CHTDF Project, Suvash has identified 10 children from the five poorest of the poor families and on 5 December, the International Volunteer Day, they distributed the goodies to the children.

It does not matter how big or small is your contribution to the collective action, just remember: " Every Action Counts". Small drops make a big river.

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