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European volunteer network launches year-long volunteer campaign on IVD
05 December 2007

Brussels, Belgium: To mark the International Volunteer Day, the Association of Voluntary Service Organisations (AVSO) launched the European “Invisible Heroes” campaign to collect as many photos of serving volunteers for one year. The campaign kicks off on the IVD 2007 and runs for twelve months, until  5 December 2008.

Why photos? This visual campaign will help us put a “real-life feel” to our lobbying efforts; it will hopefully demonstrate the magnitude of voluntary service in Europe, showcase the different people who volunteer and the different projects, and convince key decision makers to give the issue more attention.

The purpose of the campaign is to give recognition to hundreds of thousands of volunteers serving daily in Europe, the “Invisible Heroes” of our societies. Every volunteer should be recognised for his/her contribution to society, the time and energy they invest in helping others and making Europe a better place to live.

Send your photos to, specifying the project and location.

AVSO is a European network of voluntary service organisations based in Brussels.