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Bosnia and Herzegovina
If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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10 April 2011
Activism, solidarity, volunteering at Manu Chao concert by Bojana Batinic and Beta Siebenmann
In addition to creating music famous for blending languages and music styles, Manu Chao is also one of the most socially-engaged artists and activists drawing attention to social issues and promoting tolerance and solidarity. (UNV/A. Kapetanovic)
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: As part of this nine-country Balkan tour, Manu Chao is donating the proceeds from tour merchandise to support local activists and organizations introducing positive changes to society.   Read article
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24 February 2010
Sarajevo seals the deal 
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: UNV Bosnia and Herzegovina, in partnership with Ekotim, Sumero and OSCE, celebrated International Volunteer Day in Sarajevo through a range of activities to highlight the role and contribution of volunteerism and civic engagement.  Read article
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13 February 2009
IVD paves the way for lasting volunteerism in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: International Volunteer Day (IVD) was marked in 10 localities across the countrie - from Sarajevo to Banja Luka, Bihac, Doboj, Foca, Livno, Srbrenica, Trebinje and Tuzla.   Read article
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30 November 2005
VSO offices worldwide mark IVD by 'building communities'  by Theo Breedon
For International Volunteer Day 2005, Voluntary Service Overseas is highlighting the important contributions of local and national volunteering – and also the contributions of international volunteers – with a campaign entitled "Volunteers for Development: Building Communities Together".   Read article
18 April 2005
New southeast European volunteer exchange programme launched 
Sarajevo: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme and European Union's European Voluntary Service (EVS) recently announced a new volunteer exchange programme.  Read article
From: UN Development Programme
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V::I::P - Promotion of Local and International Youth Volunteering for Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in Europe 
The report presents good practices workshops on local youth volunteering projects for conflict resolution and peace building in Europe, discusses the role of donors and governments in stimulating the potential of volunteering, and showcases the diverse contributions of volunteering to the peace building and conflict resolution process.  Visit site
Volunteer Exchange Reconciliation for South Eastern Europe 
The Regional Integration through Volunteer Exchanges for Reconciliation in South East Europe (RIVER SEE) Programme team launched a website to foster "east to east" volunteer exchanges within the Balkan region. This initiative is done in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UN Volunteers programme and several civil society and volunteer-involving organizations.  Visit site
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30 November 2005, 16:21
Festival of Voluntarism in Bosnia/Herzegovina 
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are supporting the celebration of ‘Festival of V’ which aims to promote volunteerism and the need for an enabling environment. UNV has been leading the working group that drafted the law on volunteerism which we recently handed over to the government.   Read entry
From: IVD 2005 Blog