05 December 2008  - 06 December 2008
Bosnia and Herzegovina - IVD events - Livno

Launch of humanitarian action '5 do 12 za 5 +' at the youth centre Livno aiming to help socially endangered families with five or more children.

On Friday 5 December, the following are planned:
  • Fundraising concert in disco club Shantale Livno, starts at 11 pm.
  • Humanitarian lottery, all of the income from entrance fee and lottery goes to socially endangered families with five and more children.
  • Local volunteer service award ceremony with three categories:
    • Individual volunteer engagement
    • Best practice example in volunteer activities
    • Contribution of business sector in developing volunteerism

Centar mladih Livno/Youth centre Livno
Fra.Anđela Kaića 9 b
80101 Livno
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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