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New southeast European volunteer exchange programme launched
18 April 2005

Sarajevo: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme and European Union's European Voluntary Service (EVS) recently announced a new volunteer exchange programme.

Under the Regional Integration through Volunteer Exchanges for Reconciliation of South-East Europe (RIVER SEE) programme, 14 volunteer training courses will be held in Germany and Belgium. The courses aim to strengthen capacities of volunteer-involving organizations and provide opportunities to share experiences in volunteering.

The programme is being coordinated by UNV and the United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also aims to set up a volunteer exchange scheme in the Balkan region by enhancing the volunteers’ capacity and encourage the involvement of more civil society organizations, community groups and individuals to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals. In addition, the programme also targets to contribute to the regional confidence-building and reconciliation process.

RIVER SEE is done in collaboration with the Volunteer Service Overseas, OneWorld Southeast Europe, the South Eastern European Youth Network (SEEYN) and several non-profit organizations in the Balkans.

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From: UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina