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Botswana focusing on youth, volunteers' voices on IVD
27 November 2007

For this year, UNV Botswana will be focusing on "Youth Volunteering in Botswana" to mark International Volunteer Day, 5 December. As part of this, UNV is also publishing a booklet entitled "Volunteer Voices", consisting of comments and motivations by UNV volunteers working in the country.
In addition, there will be a more traditional ceremony, including a drama performed by the Youth Health Organisation which is based in Gaborone, as well as speeches by the UNDP Resident Coordinator a.i. and hopefully a representative from the Ministery of Youth, Sports and Culture. Also, they will have a panel of volunteers who will briefly describe their motivations to become volunteers and narrate their stories to the audience.
This event will be followed by some quizes based on the speeches, the drama performance and volunteer testimonials to get some audience involvement. Finally we will have a performance by a jazz singer before we hand over the publication to the distinguished guests attending the event.