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Iko Poran Association 
To implement volunteer programs and projects that make a positive impact on the projects in which they take place, promoting a wide experience exchange between cultures and strengthening a constant and growing number of NGOs in Brazil.   Visit site
Six Steps to Headache-Free Volunteer Management  
Published by GAPA-BA in Brazil, this manual illustrates in detail the following six steps: planning, recruiting, selecting, training, supervising, and rewarding volunteers. Although the manual is designed with a focus on HIV/AIDS issues, its volunteer management guidelines can be equally applied by NGOs in other sectors.  Visit site
More about: MDG 6  Management
Faca Parte - Brazil Volunteer Institute 
A civil society organization founded in 2001, whose mission is to consolidate a volunteering culture by encouraging youth participation in the construction of a socially fairer nation. (In Portuguese)  Visit site
Cross-Cultural Solutions 
Cross-Cultural Solutions offers international volunteer programmes in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Peru, Russia, Tanzania and Thailand. Programmes range 2-12 weeks, making it easy for students to participate during holiday and summer vacations.  Visit site
Volunteer Brazil 
Volunteer Brazil seeks to improve the lives of Brazilian children, youth and adults. It specializes and wholly concentrates its efforts and resources in Brazil through different volunteer projects. Volunteers incur programme costs.  Visit site
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