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Interviews & MDGs in Brazil
29 November 2005, 10:47
by Chiara (UNV Brazil)

Hi to everybody!

First of all thank you for your interest in our project! Feally, even if there is still many work to do, I think that we are on the right way!!!

As for the interview, we will be interviewed by the Portal do Voluntário, this time Monica, the director of the ONG where I work, Natal Voluntários, will be interviewed! I have already been interviewed form them, last august, after the event we organized for the launching of the project. See:

As for our project I annexing I short description of what we have been doing (in English) and a more complete report on the launching events, its organization and the consequences for the project (in Portuguese; it is not already finalized I ask you not to use it entire, you can select sope parts!!) the last thing is an article about my experience I wrote, may be it could be useful for the website!!!!

The web site of Natal Voluntários is quite up dated and you can find all the material we have elaborated for the campaign (text of flyers, poster, videos, spot...), but please keep me informed about any development about this!

I hope this could be of use, if you need something mnore, do not hesitate to contact me!

Best regards form Brazil!