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If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in Bulgaria, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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07 December 2007
Bulgaria marks the International Volunteer Day 
Vratza, Bulgaria: Bulgaria marks today the International Volunteer Day with various events throughout the country.   Read article
More about: Advocacy
06 December 2007
Bulgaria marks IVD throughout the country 
Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgaria marks today the International Volunteer Day with various events throughout the country including distributing leaflets in the capital Sofia.  Read article
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25 April 2006
Volunteer brings glow to Roma kids’ life in Bulgaria by Lucy Cooper
Jennifer Hee from Hawaii, USA works as a volunteer with at-risk Roma children in Bulgaria. (Photo courtesy: The Sofia Echo)
Sofia, Bulgaria: Jennifer Hee was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Almost three years ago, she applied to be in the Peace Corps, and was offered a Youth Development Volunteer position in Bulgaria. “Because I know my work is indeed important, and because I adore the youth I work with and want to provide them with every opportunity possible to help them not only survive, but to succeed, I will hopefully continue to work in Bulgaria and extend my assignment, despite the occasionally overwhelming challenges,” she says.     Read article
From: The Sofia Echo, Bulgaria
More about: Children  Youth
15 November 2004
International curiosity & national pride by Elizabeth Vernon
Elizabeth with her fifth-grade students in northern Bulgaria.
(Source: Peace Corps)
The Bulgarian boy looked at me out of the corner of his dark eyes as we walked through the town park. He was trying to decide whether to talk to me, but he wasn’t sure what to think of me. I was the first American he’d ever spent much time with, and he didn’t like that I shared a mysterious language with his mother, a teacher of English at the school where the Peace Corps had placed me to teach for two years. Finally, he decided he’d try me.  Read article
From: Peace Corps, USA


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Balkan Heritage Field School 
Balkan Heritage (BH) Field School functions as a legal part of the Balkan Heritage Foundation, Bulgaria, and implements projects in the areas of study, protection, restoration and promotion of sites, artifacts and practices presenting the cultural heritage of Southeastern Europe, with the participation of students, scholars and volunteers from all over the world.  Visit site
Volunteer Exchange Reconciliation for South Eastern Europe 
The Regional Integration through Volunteer Exchanges for Reconciliation in South East Europe (RIVER SEE) Programme team launched a website to foster "east to east" volunteer exchanges within the Balkan region. This initiative is done in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UN Volunteers programme and several civil society and volunteer-involving organizations.  Visit site
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10 December 2007, 17:15
Bulgaria: New website launched on IVD is devoted to volunteers 
On IVD, 5. December ZAEDNO - Communication for Support and Development Foundation, Bulgaria will announce and start a new website devoted to volunteers.   Read entry