Prodoc: Supporting the Implementation of a National Volunteer Programme in Burkina Faso
07 August 2006

This project consists in implementing mechanisms for the recognition, promotion and further development of national volunteering in Burkina Faso. More specifically, it aims at establishing a national volunteer infrastructure in six pilot regions and to test it through the launching of a first wave of “National Volunteers for Development”. By maximizing volunteer involvement and active participation of civil society, notably youth and women, in national and local development efforts, this project will contribute to poverty alleviation and the achievements of the MDGs. The project will also support the national efforts in good governance through the mobilization and capacity strengthening of of local communities and civil society organizations for a stronger involvement in the political decision making process.
The first phase of the project is aiming at creating a legal and institutional framework for the National Volunteer Programme. In the second phase of the project, this volunteer infrastructure will be tested by launching a first generation of national “Volunteers for Development”, and to pull out lessons learnt for undertaking the necessary adjustments of this initiative. The “Volunteers for Development” will be mobilized to support initiatives working in the areas of education, health, environment, economic development, and decentralization etc.
Throughout the entire project duration, activities on promotion and recognition of volunteerism will be conducted, and a strategy on resource mobilization put in place in order to ensure substantial and financial sustainability of the project.
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