Burundi: Sports and donating hospital materials
31 December 2007, 13:34
by Iram Batool

In Burundi, the day long IVD programme started in the morning with sports activities; the football, basketball and volley ball teams came from Network of local associations in Burundi and Kamenge Youth Center.

The Director of Ministry of Youth opened up the sports activities; during his speech he emphasized involvement of Youth in development of their own country. He appreciated the efforts on part of UNV Volunteers in Burundi for mobilization of local volunteers and their integration in different community based projects e.g. Rehabilitation of Pediatric ward at roi-khaled hospital and involvement in productive sports activities etc.

The participants of the sports activities then marched towards Roi-Khaled Hospital for a handing over ceremony of completely rehabilitated pediatric ward. The rehabilitation process for this ward started in Dec, 2006 and exactly after one year, portions of ward are completed and the rehabilitated block was handed over to the hospital authorities in a formal ceremony.

Chief Administrative Officer, BINUB honoured the ceremony as chief guest, while Adjoined Directorice of Roi-Khaled Hospital represented hospital authorities. The Directorice of hospital thanked UNV Volunteers, BINUB and network of local associations for this noble initiative of provision of clean and healthy environment to child patients; while Mr. Deligia emphasized to nurture and promote initiatives coming from Burundian population themselves, and assured every possible support to successful completion of those initiatives.

At the end of ceremony, a certificate of recognition of volunteer spirit was awarded to the local associations for their enthusiastic participation in different volunteer initiatives (in year 2007) in Burundi.

Afterwards, all the participants gathered in United Nations Information Center (UNIC) for more formal IVD ceremony. Mr. Phambu Masanga Tedika, UNVPO/ UNDP, opened up the session and read speech of UN Secretary General on occasion of IVD 2007; followed by statement from UNV Executive Coordinator by Ms. Iram Batool, UNVPM/ BINUB.

UNDP Country Director and BINUB Chief of Staff were the chief guests of the ceremony, who congratulated UNV Volunteers on their initiatives in the year 2007 and especially appreciated involvement of local volunteers in all these projects. The Chief Civilian Personnel Officer of BINUB, Mr. Dirk De Bruyne (former colleagues from UNV HQ Bonn) also expressed his thoughts on evolution of UNV Programme over the years and appreciated the work performed by UNV Volunteers and Burundian Volunteers for the benefit and advantage of host population. The ceremony ended with thuder and music of Burundian drums on the venue.

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