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Cameroon holds conference and radio show on IVD to boost volunteerism
05 December 2002

Buea: Numerous activities to mark International Volunteer Day (IVD) in Cameroon were organized by the Buea Urban Civil Society Organisation Network (BUCSONET) and coordinated by Nkong Hill Top Common Initiative Group.

The two-day celebration, starting on 4 December was initiated by a radio talk over Ocean Radio about "Volunteerism and Development" followed by a conference on "Volunteering for Development" at the Catholic Library Hall the next day.

The one-hour radio show was participated by the Mr. Anu Folefac Vincent, the delegate of Nkong Hill Top Common Initiative Group and Mr. Ngi Benjamen, a Volunteer at the Catholic Library Molyko.

The conference was chaired by Rev. Dr. Frank. A, a Nigerian Pastor and moderated by Madam Eyong Beatrice, an animator with BUCSONET and delegates for Women with a Vision, a CIG in Buea. Among those who attended were university students from the University of Buea and other learning institutions in the country.

Rev. Frank said the act of volunteering is an expected attitude desired from everyone. That God has put in man something that always enable him to be kind. "Volunteering," he said, "was like saying `yes’ I want to be involve and responsible in another person’s life."

Studies on volunteering

Representatives from the organizers also presented studies on volunteerism. Anu Folefac Vincent of Nkong hill Top CIG presented his studies on volunteerism and benefits of volunteer work . Anu said his presentations were not publications of his personal findings, but findings of some important publications.


A major outcome of the conference was the opening of a Volunteer Register at the office of Nkong Hill Top Common Initiative Group. The delegate of Nkong CIG, Anu Vincent Folefac, encouraged the Youth and elderly to register themselves under this service and state their areas of interests. The registration, together with an information service, will be open to everyone and to institutions that need the services of volunteers.

The delegate of Nkong CIG specifically advised the young people to register"Volunteering could be on easy means to acquire job experience, which every employer demands from prospection job seekers," he said.

Recognizing local volunteers

BUCSONET awarded certificates of merits and prizes to exemplary volunteers from different organisations for their outstanding voluntary activities.

Among those publicly recongised and appreciated were:

  • · Honourable Justice Chief Ayah Paul Abine who received three certificates and a prize for the appreciable work he does in his orphanage-Saint Valentine Orphanage in Buea Station;
  • · Njoyko Acha Alice of Muyuka received an award for her efforts to make sure the government stopped video clubs from projecting pornographic films;
  • · Teaching Patricia of Shalom InfoTech was appreciated for devoting many years and much time to moral up-bringing of kinds the empowerment of women and other good will intension;
  • · Zadock Mori of HOTPECC, Mile 14 was nominated and appreciated for the up-keep of orphans and disabled persons of HOTPECC, Mile 14;
  • · Nan Ibrahim of Great Soppo, Buea had an award for his endless fight to create awareness amongst the youth about the disease-AIDS;
  • · Samuel Mofor received an award from the management of Union Bank for giving some of his time and knowledge to the service of the community, especially in health campaigns.
  • Apart from these persons, the selfless voluntary services the Buea Red Cross Association are carrying were also recognized.

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