Three-day IVD campaign planned in Cameroon
03 November 2005, 18:56
by Sylvie Dzou Essola

We have started the preparation of the IVD 2005. We had a meeting on Monday, 31 October 2005 with volunteer organisations in Cameroon. These are the main activities we have already planned:
3rd December 2005:
10h: Don de sang volontaire à la banque de sang de l'Hôpital Central de Yaoundé (to be confirmed)
4th December 2005:
7h - Marathon
15h - Match de Football
5th December 2005:
10h: Table ronde sur le Volontariat et projections de deux documentaire sur les activités des volontaires au Cameroun
Mot du Coordonnateur Résident du Système des Nations Unies au Cameroun (to be confirmed).

Sylvie Dzou Essola
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