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If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in Canada, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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24 November 2008
Volunteer awards for Canadian women 
Toronto, Canada: Flare Magazine is calling for nominations for the 13th Annual Flare Volunteer Awards. The awards honour Canadian female volunteers aged 13 and up who have made a significant contribution to the lives of people in their communities.  Read article
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09 June 2008
Most health care volunteers in Canada are women. Here's why by Hugh Anderson
Why are almost all Canadian volunteers working with seniors women, as are roughly three-quarters of all health care volunteers? That's easy, you may say. It's because women are conditioned socially to take on such roles. According to Susan Pinker, author of 'The Sexual Paradox', it has more to do with biochemical drivers than society's expectations.  Read article
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27 April 2008
America's National Volunteer Week: 'Volunteer to Change the World' 
Washington DC, USA: While International Volunteer Day is held on 5 December, in North America National Volunteer Week (NVW) 2008 is from 27 April to 3 May. In the US, this week is about "engaging individuals in service, inspiring a nation to join a movement for change, and recognizing deserving volunteers with the President’s Volunteer Service Award and other meaningful signs of thanks". The campaign slogan is 'Volunteer to Change the World'.

Click here for the United States NVW site and here for Canada's.

  Read article
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08 April 2008
A study in contrasts: Volunteering in Ghana refugee camp  by Heather Ibbotson
Months spent as volunteers in a refugee camp for Liberians provided a quick immersion into the eye-opening contradictions of modern Africa for two young Canadian women.  Read article
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05 December 2007
Canadian 'Mounties' recognize its 75,000 volunteers on IVD 
Ontario, Canada: The Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) benefits from the assistance of more than 75, 000 dedicated volunteers who work with the RCMP throughout the country.  Read article
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ChangeTheWorld: Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge 
This annual program run by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration challenges youth across the province of Ontario to make a difference in their communities through volunteerism.    Visit site
A life changing volunteering adventure 
Tiffany McCabe spent three weeks in Kenya as part of a volunteer trip with the not-for-profit organization Free the Children. The experience had such an impact on Tiffany and her group that they are continuing their involvement through a campaign called “Well Worth It”, dedicated to raising awareness and funds to have well systems implemented in developing nations, through the assistance of Free the Children.  Visit site
E-volunteers: We have the technology 
Virtual volunteerism, the catchy name for volunteering done online, is all about technology. It is not new, but it is evolving, right along with increasingly sophisticated web and teleconferencing tools. Thanks to the Internet, virtual volunteers can design, consult, teach, mentor, keep the books and provide one-on-one support from just about any computer terminal in any location and they can do so at times that accommodate their individual schedules.  Visit site

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01 December 2005, 15:49
Thank you for keeping the children safe 
While the Town of Cochrane in Alberta, Canada generally salutes the volunteers who mean so much to this community each April, a big day for volunteers arrives Monday, 5 December.  Read entry
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