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Canada - Related events
18 November 2009
Young professionals volunteer in Montreal 
Montreal, Canada: In the spirit of the United Nations International Volunteer Day, six associations have come together to organize a dynamic day of collective volunteering for young professionals. On 5 December, a dozen organizations supporting various members of the community will open their doors for volunteers to partake in a multitude of activities.  View event
10 April 2006
Preserving heritage varieties and endangered species in the Kootenays by World Volunteer Web User
The project aims to involve international volunteers in environmental gardening projects connected to food security and preserving endangered and heritage varieties.   View event
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Citizenship, Identity, and Social Justice Conference 
Windsor, Canada: The international conference on Citizenship, Identity, and Social Justice will explore historical, political, social, cultural, and intellectual trends in the conceptualization of social justice and its relationship to institutions and practices of citizenship.   View event