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Canadian 'Mounties' recognize its 75,000 volunteers on IVD
05 December 2007

Ontario, Canada: The Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) benefits from the assistance of more than 75, 000 dedicated volunteers who work with the RCMP throughout the country.  The RCMP has released a poster for International Volunteer Day, 5 December, to all its detachments, community policing offices, and Victim Services offices, saluting all RCMP Volunteers.  

"The RCMP is extremely proud of its volunteers," says A/Commr Darrell LaFosse, in charge of provincial and territorial policing for the RCMP, "and deeply appreciates the many services they provide alongside our regular  members in communities across the country.  This special poster recognizes the diversity of volunteers, who are so highly valued by the RCMP."

The International Volunteer Day poster says 'Thank You' to volunteers in 12 of Canada's most commonly used languages.  The poster also features actual RCMP Volunteers who have offered their time to represent the RCMP and to support policing services.

"We Salute our RCMP Volunteers," continues A/Commr LaFosse.  "We thank each and every volunteer for their time and effort in collectively meeting our goal of 'Safe Homes and Safe Communities'."

International Volunteer Day takes place every 5 December and is officially recognized by the United Nations as a day on which volunteers around the world are celebrated for their contributions and dedication. More information is available on the Volunteer Canada website at and World Volunteer Web website at