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Extraordinary Canadians profiled
25 November 2004

Ottawa: Volunteer Canada has just launched a month-long campaign to celebrate International Volunteer Day, December 5, 2004. The focus for this United Nations-sanctioned day of recognition for volunteers worldwide is on ordinary Canadians who give of themselves in extraordinary ways.

And there is a wealth of fascinating stories to be heard. How about the Canadian CEO who spends his spare time in prisons with illegal immigrants? Or the twelve-year old who has raised over $1 million for clean water in Africa? Or the Montreal grandmother who works tirelessly as a political activist because, as she says, "democracy is not a spectator sport". Then there's the IT specialist who takes time off his paid job to lend his skills to Third World countries for months at a time. These are just a small sampling of the stories available at

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From: Canada News Wire Telbec