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If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in Cyprus, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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19 November 2008
Cyprus - IVD events and Volunteer Week 
Nikosia, Cyprus: Volunteerism Week will promote the values of volunteerism and recognize the valuable contribution of volunteers.  Read article
19 November 2008
Celebrating Cyprus volunteer 
Nikosia, Cyprus: The national volunteer who will represent Cyprus at the European Trophies in Strasbourg is Ms. Fotini Papadopoulou, President of the Cyprus Red Cross.  Read article
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22 August 2008
Volunteering against discrimination in Cyprus 
Nicosia, Cyprus: During July, the Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council initiated a poster competition titled 'Volunteer for Equal Opportunities', under the European Year for Equal Opportunities for All 2008.  Read article
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25 November 2005
Volunteer week gives recognition to generous givers by Leo Leonidou
Nicosia, Cyprus: Volunteer week in Cyprus will give organizations and individuals the chance to make their contributions visible and is an opportunity to show that volunteerism can help people in need such as the elderly, disabled, people with illnesses, and victims of violence.  Read article
From: Cyprus Mail
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05 December 2003
Young volunteers lead IVD celebration in Cyprus 
Nicosia: Young volunteers, a youth-led volunteer-involving organization led International Volunteer Day celebration in Cyprus.  Read article


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Volunteer Cyprus 
The Volunteer Center is located within the premises of The Management Centre, It is the only fully functional volunteer center within Cyprus. The Volunteer Center has up to eight computers within a fully furnished and relaxed resource room. Individuals and associations can visit to search for volunteer opportunities or can register as a volunteer on the database.   Visit site
Cyprus Young volunteers honour IVD 2007 
Cyprus Young Volunteers designed a power point presentation to present their activities on IVD 2007.  As every year the association honours International Volunteer Day by giving the opportunity to the world to share the admiration of young volunteers for their voluntary contributions.  Visit site
Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council  
The Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council works to support and facilitate further development of the voluntary social sector in Cyprus and to promote the ideals, values and notions of volunteerism at all levels.  Visit site