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04 December 2005 
Spreading the word on Volunteerism on IVD 2005
Young Volunteers will present their work as “volunteers” to their classmates during school assemblies. The children will be asked to explain “why I became a volunteer” and teachers will encourage class discussions on the subject.

Initiated by “Young Volunteers”, a number of schools will be organizing a small function during school hours when children of all grades will be asked to draw or write about the International Day of Volunteers.

Schools participating in the project include: Ayios Omoloyites Primary School (ages 6-12), Junior School (ages 4-13), Rainbow School(ages 4-12), A’ Engomi Primary School (ages 6-12) and Highgate School (ages 4-14).

Organizer: The Young Volunteers/Mikroi Ethelontes
Schools in cyprus nicosia/limasol/paphos, Cyprus