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UNV in DR Congo remember departed colleagues on IVD
06 December 2007

Kinshasa, DR Congo: International Volunteer Day was celebrated on 5 December 2007 by the Kinshasa based United Nations Volunteers (UNVs) that are working for MONUC. The ceremony ended with the laying of flowers for four MONUC UNV volunteers that died during 2007.

In attendance was MONUC Chief of Staff John Almstrom and UNV programme manager Jan Snoeks.

Mr. Almstrom said that MONUC could not operate without UNV's, who make an invaluable contribution.

"The challenges in the DRC are enormous and complex, such as reducing poverty and attaining other development objectives. UNV's play an essential role in contributing in no small way to social progress, peace, security and human rights, while respecting the laws of the country," he explained.

Mr. Snoeks said that there was a growing recognition of UNV volunteers and volunteers in general, and their ability to enhance development and contribute to human and institutional capacity building.

"This day celebrates the contribution of volunteers, not only in MONUC, but all over the world. Volunteers all over the DRC contribute in many small but significant ways in activities related to schools, hospitals and orphanages all over the DRC. Today is a small but important tribute to them," he said.

A financial contribution for the Eden orphanage in Kinshasa from MONUC UNVs was also handed over. Mr. Snoeks concluded by saying that the orphanage needs US$700 per month just to feed the children.