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17 February 2009
Making youth aware in Egpyt 
Cairo, Egypt: In Egypt, as well as the spectacular 'Sailing the Nile' central event, there were a host of other IVD activities tackling different aspects of the Millennium Development Goals with a special emphasis on raising awareness among youth.  Read article
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17 February 2009
Sailing the Nile 2008 
Cairo, Egypt: The Sailing the Nile for the Millennium Development Goals Campaign 2008 reached its final destination in Cairo on 13 December 2008. The closing event also celebrated International Volunteer Day  and International Human Rights Day.  Read article
25 November 2008
A mission to Egypt by Ivana Smucker
Hands Along the Nile connects US medical practitoners with people in Egypt. (Hands Along the Nile)
Al Awaysa, Egypt: There are still many impoverished Egyptians needing medical attention and Egyptian medical professionals desiring better training and knowledge. HANDS staff member, Ivana Smucker, writes about Medical Mission 2008.  Read article
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13 November 2006
Sailing the Nile for development stops in Sohag for Universal Primary Education 
Sohag: At the Rowing Club on the banks of the Nile in Sohag Governorate – about 500 kilometres south of Cairo- celebrations took place on Monday as the eight feluccas of the “Sailing the Nile for Development” project approached the bank  Read article
30 June 2006
Snapshots of volunteering in Cairo by Steven Bagshaw
UNDP Egypt staff member Riham Mustafa (right) teaches at Cairo's Boulac Preparatory School as a UN Volunteers Associate in the INJAZ programme. (March 2006). (Photo by Steven Bagshaw/UN Volunteers)
Cairo, Egypt: Many of Cairo’s citizens are confronting urban-related problems, e.g., poverty, lack of housing and sanitation facilities, and internal migration through volunteering. Below are three projects showing how volunteers, through the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, contribute and mobilize fellow Cairenes in developing their 'triumphant city'.  Read article
From: UN Volunteers, Germany
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