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'Let the evidence speak' for volunteerism in Ethiopia
29 November 2006, 10:34
by Selamawit Tsige

Several volunteer-involving organizations are planning several activities for IVD in Ethiopia.

An exhibition that focuses on volunteering activities and their achievements. We are expecting more than 170 visitors, mainly members from the Mekelle community and youth organizations.

The exhibition, dubbed as "Let evidence speak", will include a photo exhibit, display of promotional materials, voluntary counselling and HIV testing stalls.

The National Red Cross will have a blood donation stand. They will also provide information on HIV/ AIDS. While the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) will also share their experiences in the roles of volunteers to reverse the spread of HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia.

There will also be an discussion forum on voluntary home-care and supporting persons living with AIDS by the Three Youth Associations and the Office for Social Service for AIDS (OSSA).

UNV volunteers are critical instrument in the civil service reform and decentralisation programme of this country. They provide critical technical support for both policy and programme delivery in all regions. They support the national capacity building efforts by providing training in key educational institutions. They also provided technical support for policy and programme delivery in support of the development efforts.

Unfortunately, apart from their direct supervisors and the organization that where they are assigned, there are only few who have the information on the Contribution and achievements made to date.  Because of the above and others similar reasons sharing our experience in the form of exhibition  to those who do not consider volunteerism into account and its adverse effect on the development of this country would give a great opportunity to widen their Knowledge.   We would also like to take this event to show and exhibit what really our UNV volunteers have contributed and advocate for volunteerism to attract more volunteers.