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Bénévolat et volontariat en France et dans le monde (Volunteering in France and abroad) 
This publication is based on studies made over 10 years in France and abroad; a first study report had been published in 1997. This study attempts to answer several questions: who are the volunteers? Why do they get involved? What does voluntary work mean? What is its economic impact? What do the public authorities do concerning volunteering? 
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Volunteering : An Opportunity for Youngsters in Europe 
This 2001 publication of an European network evaluates youth volunteering in different European countries on the basis of national studies done and to propose concrete actions to promote it on both European and national level.  Visit site
Volunteering : Economic, Social and Political Issues 
Published in August 1997 by the Institute for Research and Information on Volunteering (IRIV), this study provides an overview of volunteering in France, Europe and abroad (mainly North America). It focuses on the economic, social and political implications of voluntary action.  Visit site
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