Children speak out on world affairs with help from volunteers
01 July 2003

Paris: Children are expressing their opinions on current world issues such as war, poverty and environmental destruction in collaboration with volunteer artists, writers and educators from more than 40 countries around the world.

Young people aged 11 to 21 submitted letters, diary entries, poetry and artworks to TradeArt, a US-based charity organization promoting artists from poor countries. The compilation will be published as a book entitled "Save a world for me", aimed at enlightening and challenging lawmakers in realizing the impact of war and other political decisions on children.

An 11-year old from Monsterrat, for example, writes: "I don't understand war very much. It is like big children fighting over toys but they don't realize that those toys are dangerous and useless. They can't feed children or give education."

The "Save a world for me" project was undertaken in partnership with NetAid, an online volunteering service, in involving not only volunteer educators, writers and artists but also in contacting volunteers worldwide who assisted in various research and administrative tasks.

TradeArt is also working with Groupe de Recherche Sociologique et d'Etudes Migratoires (GRSEM) or the Sociological Research and Migratory Studies Group, a non-profit organization conducting research on migration.

Through the book's launching, TradeArt will also start its fund raising campaign to sponsor more art exhibitions of artists from developing countries

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