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19 November 2008
Celebrating Cyprus volunteer 
Nikosia, Cyprus: The national volunteer who will represent Cyprus at the European Trophies in Strasbourg is Ms. Fotini Papadopoulou, President of the Cyprus Red Cross.  Read article
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12 October 2005
Bénévolat dans les associations : un rapport du Sénat en France 
La commission des affaires culturelles du Sénat a approuvé le rapport d'information de M. Bernard Murat portant sur le bénévolat dans les associations. Pour le rapporteur, le bénévolat constitue l'essence même de la vie associative : environ 12 millions de bénévoles consacrent une part plus ou moins importante de leur temps à la réalisation de projets associatifs dans de multiples domaines de la vie sociale.  Read article
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From: Le Sénat , France
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09 November 2004
France, Germany discuss enhancing volunteering in Europe 
Paris: A Franco-German workshop on volunteerism is being held today at the Center of International Conferences in Paris, France.  Read article
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01 July 2003
Children speak out on world affairs with help from volunteers 
Paris: Children are expressing their opinions on current world issues such as war, poverty and environmental destruction in collaboration with volunteer artists, writers and educators from more than 40 countries around the world.  Read article
01 May 2002
New Relations Between the French State and NGOs 
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