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23 February 2011
Global voices shared as volunteering entities convene 
“One change I’d like to see is to ensure that volunteering is understood,” said Patrick Karangwa, Executive Director of Parlament Des Jeunes Rwandais (Parliament of Young Rwandans). “People must see that they are contributing to social and economic status on the ground.” (P. Sen/UNV)
Bonn, Germany: The global volunteer community have joined hands for a “north-south-east-west” sharing of experiences.  Read article
18 February 2011
Steps towards World Volunteer Coalition begin in Bonn 
Bonn, Germany: Delegates from five continents will congregate in Bonn this month to prepare the ground for a world coalition of voluntary organizations.  Read article
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01 December 2008
Elargir le champ d’action des volontaires en ligne 
Le service Volontariat en Ligne du programme VNU ( permet à toute personne ayant les connaissances techniques nécessaires et un accès à Internet de collaborer comme volontaire pour le développement. (programme VNU)
Bonn, Allemagne: À l’occasion de la Journée internationale des Volontaires 2008, le programme des Volontaires des Nations Unies (VNU) a lancé une nouvelle version du site Web de son service Volontariat en Ligne. Ce nouveau site Web multilingue permet aux organisations de mobiliser des volontaires encore plus facilement.  Read article
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01 December 2008
Ampliar el alcance del voluntariado en línea 
El servicio Voluntariado en Línea del programa VNU ( permite a cualquier persona con los conocimientos técnicos pertinentes y con acceso a Internet colaborar como voluntario para el desarrollo. (programa VNU)
Bonn, Alemania: En el Día Internacional de los Voluntarios de 2008, el programa VNU presenta una nueva versión rediseñada del sitio Web de su servicio Voluntariado en Línea. La nueva Web multilingüe permite a las organizaciones ponerse en contacto con los voluntarios en español y en francés, además de en inglés.

  Read article
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01 December 2008
Expanding the reach of online volunteers 
The UNV Online Volunteering service ( allows anyone with an internet connection and the right skills to volunteer for development. (UNV)
Bonn, Germany: UNV is launching its redesigned Online Volunteering service website on International Volunteer Day, 5 December 2008. The newly multilingual site enables organizations to connect with volunteers in French and Spanish as well as English.  Read article
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