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Volunteers proud to participate in Olympics: Survey
11 May 2004

Athens: Some 2,000 volunteers for the Athens Olympic Games 2004 say they feel "extremely positive" and that their participation is "extremely essential to the Games’ success", a recent survey reveals.

An opinion poll survey conducted by the Olympic organizers also shows that more than 76 per cent of the volunteers will continue their work in other sectors and about 65 per cent are first-time volunteers. These figures, the organizers say, signify the first positive trends of volunteerism in the country.

It is also noted that more than 160,000 people, between ages 18 to 65, applied to become Olympic volunteers, an "Olympic record", the organizers claim.

The organizers are also encouraging government agencies to "pick-up from the Olympics’ volunteerism heritage" to urge more people to donate their time and effort by strengthening volunteer laws and creating programmes.

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From: Andy Fryar in OzVPM Newsgroup