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Over 10,000 volunteers sign up to teach India campaign 
Perhaps 42 million Indian children of primary-school age do not attend school. The UNV-supported Times of India 'Teach India' campaign aims to redress the issue. (Times of India).
The idea of Teach India has struck an instant chord, with more than 10,000 people signing up to pledge at least two hours a week to teach a child in their neighbourhood, mostly for weekend sessions. This army of volunteers is a multi-lingual, multi-talented one drawn from diverse streams - doctors, lawyers, company executives, educationists, actors, businessmen, housewives, writers, artists, retired folk, government employees and, most hearteningly, college students.  Visit site
Twists and turns 
On his blog, Patrick Mosolf relates his diverse experiences as a volunteer across the world - from work in his local community in the US to time spent as a UNV volunteer in Liberia.  Visit site
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Sosva Training and Promotion Institute 
The vision of STAPI is to strengthen the voluntary sector by promoting new and existing voluntary organizations and by improving and expanding their activities for the development and management of the voluntary sector through the inculcation of professionalism through research, training and consultancy.   Visit site
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World Endeavors 
World Endeavors is a provider of unique international volunteer, internship, and study programs. Our mission is to become a catalyst for positive change in our community and the world through quality international programs.  Visit site
Global Eco-Spiritual Tours  
Global Eco-Spiritual Tours is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that contributes to educational and health care needs of children in developing countries in our tour area through our member donations.  Visit site
Cosmic Volunteers 
Cosmic Volunteers is a US-based non-profit organization that offers volunteer and internsip programs abroad in China, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Kenya, Peru, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Our volunteers are placed at schools, hospitals, newspapers, orphanages, HIV/AIDS clinics, women's groups, and other organizations who ask us for assistance. Our volunteers are mostly from the US, Canada, and Europe, from all walks of life, and range in age from high school to retirees.  Visit site
Child Family Health International 
Child Family Health International (CFHI) builds and strengthens sustainable healthcare services for underserved communities worldwide. CFHI conducts international health, service-learning programs for medical, pre-medical and other health students. Each year, by sending students to work and study with our international partners, we provide health services for families and children around the world.   Visit site
Taj Global Understanding 
Taj Global Understanding, a non-profit foundation based in the United States, offers volunteer service programmes of 2 to 3 weeks’ duration in India. These are humanitarian projects for all ages and in the areas of education, health, environment, and arts/culture.    Visit site
International Health Volunteers Organization (IHVO) 
The International Health Volunteers Organization (IHVO) is an independent, not for profit humanitarian medical service organization whose primary goal is to encourage, engage, and assist medical personnel who wish to volunteer their skills with international health care projects.   Visit site
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Cross-Cultural Solutions 
Cross-Cultural Solutions offers international volunteer programmes in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Peru, Russia, Tanzania and Thailand. Programmes range 2-12 weeks, making it easy for students to participate during holiday and summer vacations.  Visit site

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