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If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in Iraq, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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03 April 2007
Situation for volunteers in Iraq gets more difficult 
Aid workers in Iraq face death on a daily basis (Afif Sarhan/IRIN)
Baghdad, Iraq: Iraq is the deadliest country in the world for aid workers, specialists say. Treated as Western collaborators they face death on a daily basis in the course of meeting the needs of an increasingly desperate population.   Read article
From: IRIN News
21 December 2006
Red Cross/Crescent appeals for volunteers, staff's release in Iraq 
Geneva, Switzerland: On Sunday, 17 December a number of Iraqi Red Crescent Society staff and volunteers and other persons were abducted from one of the Society's offices in Baghdad. As of today, some have been released, but many are still being held.  Read article
16 August 2006
Aid workers, volunteers threatened by sectarian violence in Iraq 
Baghdad, Iraq: Displaced Iraqis plead to their government and international organizations to find ways to protect volunteers and aid workers from the on-going sectarian conflict amongst Islamic groups.  Read article
From: IRIN News
More about: Peacekeeping
27 July 2006
Iraqi volunteers retrieve bodies from Tigris river by Jamie Tarabay
Men wait and watch the river for signs of bodies floating past. They retrieve bodies from the Tigris every day. One of the local officials said in two months they've pulled 400 bodies from the river. (NPR/Abdulla Mizead)
Kadhimiya, Iraq: Local Iraqi volunteers line up the Tigris river bank to carry out a gruesome task -- fishing out bodies. The increasing number of bodies floating downstream, they pulled out 400 in the last two months, has been attributed to the escalating sectarian conflict between Islamic sects Shi'ite and Sunni.  Read article
From: National Public Radio (NPR) , USA
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24 July 2006
Iraqi students spend holidays helping the displaced 
Anbar, Iraq: Hosts of college students from the west Anbar are spending their summer holidays doing volunteer work in hospitals, clinics and camps for people displaced by conflict amongs religious groups.  Read article