Giving some TLC on IVD!
04 December 2003

Dublin: Tomorrow, Friday 5 December, is United Nations International Volunteer Day. To mark the day, Volunteering Ireland, the national centre for volunteering, will officially launch its TLC© or Time Limited Commitment © service. This provides opportunities for individuals who wish to devote some of their precious spare time to voluntary work which is once-off and involves no long-term commitment. Not-for-profit organisations can make use of this pool of people to undertake much-needed, short-term work. The service is brokered by Volunteering Ireland. Everyone is a winner.

Sandra Velthuis, Chief Executive Officer of Volunteering Ireland, says:

Our lives are increasingly busy with work, travel, family and leisure pursuits. Research shows that the most common reason for not volunteering is lack of time, yet 65% of people who do not currently volunteer on a regular basis say they would be wiling to devote some of their spare time to voluntary work. Volunteering Ireland has commenced the TLC© service to meet their needs and currently has nearly 800 volunteers on its Dublin register.

The Drama League of Ireland is a regular user of the service and finds it invaluable. Project Officer Dara Carolan quotes one example:

When we had an urgent request to have 50 volunteers with drama experience to assist with festivities at the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics, a remarkable 22 suitable experienced people responded instantly to the request put out by Volunteering Ireland on our behalf.

Vikki Climo is one of the TLC© volunteers. She has made costumes for the Ballally Players and has assisted with Leopardstown Lions Club dinners for people who are alone on Christmas Day. She neatly sums it up:

There is no better satisfaction than the few spare minutes I can offer which can help those that need it.

Volunteering Ireland was set up in 1997 to promote, support and facilitate voluntary action of all kinds.

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