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06 December 2007
Israel: 44 per cent are do-gooders 
Israel: New poll reveals that Israelis devoted over 400 million hours to volunteer work in 2006. Finally, a reason to be optimistic? A new survey presented Wednesday at a meeting of the Lobby for the Advancement of the Third Sector in Israel, held on International Volunteer Day, reveals that during 2006, Israelis volunteered over 400 million hours of their time to volunteer activities.  Read article
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01 June 2007
Israeli gov't allows non-profit to direct Arab volunteers to national service jobs 
Israel: Israeli Welfare Minister Isaac Herzog recently approved the first Arab non-profit agency, the Organization for Social Equality and National Service, to direct Arab volunteers to civilian national service jobs.  Read article
From: Haaretz, Israel
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16 April 2007
Young German volunteers make amends for Holocaust by Ben Winograd
Holocaust survivor Jean Dambrot talks with German volunteer Felix Muller, left, in his house in Jerusalem, Sunday, April 15, 2007. Muller, who is writing Dambrot's biography, arrived with two dozen other German volunteers in Israel for a year of service through a group called Ot Hakapara. Israel will mark the annual Holocaust remembrance day beginning at sunset Sunday. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)
Jerusalem: The Holocaust had been over for more than 60 years but that did not erase young Germans' sense of obligation to Nazis' victims. Nearly two dozen young German volunteers have recently arrived in Israel for a year of service through "Ot Hakapara", Hebrew for "sign of atonement", working at libraries, nursing homes and community centers around the country.   Read article
From: International Herald Tribune, France
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10 April 2007
Volunteer fights trafficking in women by Fadi Eyadat
Haifa, Israel: 21-year-old Naama Yehezkel is an activist for Isha L'Isha - the Haifa Feminist Center, which aids local and foreign women working in the sex industry. Yehezkel is performing her national service as a volunteer for the organization, after refusing to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.  Read article
From:, Israel
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28 August 2006
Israel to include Arab volunteers in national service by Moran Zelikovich
Holon, Israel: Israeli education minister plans to recruit more Arab students into the national volunteering scheme. Under this programme, more than 3,000 students are recruited each year to help teach in schools and community centres.  Read article

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