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10 May 2010
Bringing Beijing volunteerism to the Shanghai Expo 
The first group of volunteers from outside Shanghai arrive at the Shanghai Expo 2010, joining 172,000 local ones to serve an estimated 70-100 million visitors. (Photo: Shanghai Expo 2010)
Shanghai, China: Lessons learned from the Beijing Olympic volunteers will be on show in Shanghai this year, as more than a million volunteers gather to support the 2010 Expo.  Read article
29 November 2007
L’adoc a firenze per avvicinare i Giovani all'associanionismo 
Roma, Italia: Per decisione assunta dall’Assemblea delle Nazioni Unite nel 1985, il 5 dicembre di ogni anno, viene dedicata un’attenzione particolare all’impegno che i volontari assumono in tutto il mondo.  Read article
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20 October 2007
Appunti su esperienze di volontariato con donne del Niger e del Togo by Paola Toniolo Piva e Maria Paola Profumo
Two volunteers, Paola Toniolo and Maria Paola Profumo from Italy, were in Niger to help develop a study on sustainable small businesses for women entrepreneurs. The volunteers from Seniores Italia, a volunteer organization whose members are retired professionals from private companies and public institutions, were identified through the corporate/private sector (CPS) programme managed by the United Nations Volunteers programme.
Abbiamo fornito la consulenza al progetto UNIFEM in quanto socie di Seniores Italia, associazione di volontariato, che dedica particolare attenzione al rafforzamento delle donne in campo economico, senza dimenticare gli aspetti politici e sociali.   Read article
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25 November 2004
Oscar of volunteering in Italy 
Rome: FOCSIV, an Italian network of volunteer-involving organizations, will celebrate International Volunteer Day with the “Oscar of International Volunteering”, a prize awarded annually to who rendered the best voluntary service.  Read article
From: FOCSIV, Italy
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04 October 2004
Volunteerism the ‘glue’ that holds society together: UNV chief 
Turin: The volunteer movement forms an important part of global social capital and has to address the challenge of finding ways to strengthen the potential of local voluntary action,” said Ad de Raad, Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, in a speech during the closing ceremony to mark the 100th year of the Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze (ANPAS), the Italian National Association of Public Assistance Groups.  Read article
From: UN Volunteers, Germany
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