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‘Volunteer & Transform Jamaica’ for IVD 2004
27 October 2004

Kingston: After the onslaught of Hurricane Ivan, the United Nations Volunteer Programme in Jamaica amd several volunteer organizations agreed to focus this year’s International Volunteer Day to an island-wide hurricane recovery effort.

The recovery activity of each parish/district will depend on the need identified by each Parish Committee. Individuals will be given awards for rendering exemplary volunteering efforts.

Schools in the capital Kingston are now having a poster competition depicting the Day’s theme. Winners of the poster competition would be recognized at ceremony on 3 December. Tony Rebel, the singer of the International Year of Volunteer song, has agreed to perform at the event.

Additionally, on 4 and 5 December, an island- wide church services will be held. The national church service, to be held in Kingston, will be broadcasted live throughout the island.