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Jordanian community helps achieve MDGs thru ICT
07 December 2003

Amman: The United Nations Volunteer (UNV) programme celebrated International Volunteer Day (IVD) by inaugurating an information technology community centre at the Al Moqarieyh Community Association, Showback in Jordan on 5 December.

This year Jordan focused on promoting volunteerism through an activity which highlights the value of community participation. However, departing from previous celebrations, this year’s event sought to promote and strengthen volunteer efforts at the community level simultaneously building upon the volunteer networks established in past events, specifically the Volunteer of the Year Award 2003.

The activity was aimed at demonstrating solidarity between volunteers and volunteer organization in Jordan and providing a vivid example on the role civic participation can effectively play in utilizing information communication technologies (ICTs) in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of time-bound development objectives including halving the number of poor people by 2015.

The Volunteer IT Community Centre will directly support the stated objectives of the Al Moqarieyh Organization to provide better educational opportunities to less fortunate children, introduce environmental-friendly and sustainable agricultural techniques and build capacity of community health workers to utilize ICTs.

An additional purpose for inaugurating the IT Community Centre was to establish a platform in which UN Volunteers, online volunteers and local community volunteers could use ICTs in promoting and helping achieve the MDGs and specific community development targets.

The ICT project is supported by other UN partner agencies in Jordan, namely, UN Development Programme (UNDP), UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Arab States.