02 December 2008  - 05 November 2008
Kazakhstan - IVD events

Press Conference on Volunteering (2 December 2008)

Almaty – a press conference will be held to share with the public the achievements of the Volunteering Coordination Centre – Komanda SOS, established earlier in  2008 as a joint initiative of UNV and Seimar Social Fund. Komanda SOS will report the results of its first year of work as the first local owned volunteering coordination centre that is promoting the network of all volunteers in the country.

National School of Volunteers, Almaty (2-5 December, 2008) 

Astana – UNV together with Civic Alliance of Kazakhstan, largest network of NGOs in the country, are conducting a three day workshop of volunteers from over 20 Local Volunteer-Involving Organizations (LVIOs) from 12 regions of Kazakhstan to forge a national network and share case studies.

National Roundtable with the Ministry of Culture and Information (5 December)

Astana – the national roundtable meeting on volunteering will be conducted together with the Civic Alliance of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Kazakhstan.

To boost International Volunteer Day, each year the UNV Country Office offers certain idea and invites partners encouraging them to celebrate this big event. This year UNV Kazakhstan proposed a motto: 'Let's volunteer for a positive change'.  We put forward an idea of clown therapy. We suggest to volunteers to put on a red nose and paint their faces in a funny way like clowns, and go to hospitals and/or orphanages to spend a day with children who'd benefit from the atmosphere, at least for one day.

Just some samples of our partners plans to celebrate IVD:

Almaty (4-5 December)

  • Charity performance by popular artists, volunteers from Kazakhstan and the US
  • Competition among the dancing clubs in Almaty run by volunteers
  • Recognition of the volunteers' contribution, an award ceremony of the best volunteers in the region

Semey (5 December)

  • Recognition of the volunteers’ contribution - award ceremony of the best volunteers in the region with the certificates by UNV, local akimat, and LVIO 'istok'
  • Performance by local volunteers
  • Animated presentations of region’s LVIOs, including Red Crescent
  • Recognition of sponsors

Shymkent (1 November – 5 December)

  • Campaign on HIV/AIDS, including training and public awareness events by the joint project of  'Association of Business Women of South Kazakhstan' and 'Intelekt'
  • Clown therapy by 'Association of Business Women of South Kazakhstan'
  • Events organized by LVIO 'Sana Sezin'

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