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Raising awareness in Kazakhstan
22 January 2009

Astana, Kazakhstan: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Kazakhstan organized a series of events to celebrate IVD 2008, starting from the month of September with a competition for journalists and public awareness campaigns.

In the city of Astana, UNV together with the Civic Alliance of Kazakhstan, the largest network of NGOs in the country, conducted the National School of Volunteers from the 3-5 December to celebrate International Volunteer Day 2008.

Over these three days, 16 volunteers from eight regions of Kazakhstan came to Astana to share their experiences as volunteers, to forge the national network of volunteer-involving organizations, to celebrate this day together and confirm one more time their commitment.

The agenda offered different resources to the volunteers. The first day was dedicated to training performed by UNV the country team on volunteering as a national resource for the development of Kazakhstan and on UNV in general.

Leaders of two national NGOs participated to show their case studies on how to create national and regional networks of Kazakhstani volunteers.

A national roundtable meeting on volunteering was conducted together with Civic Alliance and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Kazakhstan for the volunteers representing most of regions of the country. The Minister himself presided over the meeting, recognizing volunteers as an important tool for the development of the country.

On the second day, Civic Alliance trained the volunteers on how to promote volunteerism and how to motivated volunteers in being part of the organizations involving volunteers. Social acts were organized and the volunteers took part in a very active way.

The third day saw each volunteer make an exhibition on their own organization and its activities, before going to the street to disseminate flyers and calendars on volunteering, joining five eco NGOs in celebration of IVD.

To end the celebration we spent the afternoon with disabled children for whom we prepared games and jokes to bring smiles where needed, with the intention of let them breathe a good and hilarious atmosphere.