05 December 2008  - 05 December 2008
Kyrgyzstan - IVD events

International Volunteer Day in Kyrgyzstan is planned with the following events:

At 10.00 - Press meeting at JICA premises to present the daily programme of the organizations involved in the IVD event (UNV, JICA, Peace Corps, Babushka Adoption, Help Age international, 'League of Volunteers' and 'Atuul' Youth NGO, MT network)

At 11.00 - The international volunteers of UNV in Kyrgyzstan, the Japanese Cooperation Volunteers and Peace Corps Volunteers will perform a cultural performance programme at the Homeless Children Rehabilitation Centre of Champaskaie Winecombinat, to make the kids happy and to learn more about foreign culture.

At 15.00 - Youth NGOs 'League of Volunteers' and 'Atuul' together with Agenet Network are doing a Fundraising Concert with famous Kyrgyz singers, bands, dancing groups and volunteers themselves.

The Celebration will take place at in the Youth Center 'Seitek', Erkindik 57/Abdymomunov str. The fundraising ticket costs 70 som.

From the raised funds, the volunteers would like to purchase and distribute some heating utilities and coal for elderly people in Bishkek to combine the celebration of IVD and keep in mind the volunteers' mission is to make contribution to social development.

At 18.30 - Public Charity Fund 'Babushka Adoption' is holding its annual Christmas Fundraising Party with latino flavor 'Noche Latino'. The evening will be accompanied with Kyrgyz singers, dancers, lottery prize draw and dancing with latino sound.

The Celebration will take place at METRO Pub on Chui Prospect 168 The fundraising ticket costs 350 Som for nationals and 700 Som for internationals. In addition coupons for 150 Som are on sale for Lottery prizes.

The funds raised from the evening will go towards support of Babushka Adoption beneficiaries.

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