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If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in Lao People's Democratic Republic, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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11 August 2011
The voice of youth: International Day of Youth 
In Thateng town, Sekong Province, 800 km south of the capital of Lao PDR, 19-year-old Nouan Anong fits her headphones for the morning news. Nouan is a volunteer radio anchor with the Thatheng Ethnic Community Radio for Development station. “This is a unique opportunity to volunteer and represent my Ta-oi ethnic group,” says Nouan. “I can communicate in my own language so the community understands what is happening around them.” Through volunteering, Nouan has become the voice of her peers. (Philippe Pernet / UNV)
Bonn, Germany: This year marks both the International Year of Youth and the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10). It’s a unique opportunity to recognize how young people can take a stand and help change the world for the better.  Read article
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30 January 2009
Vientiane people donate blood for volunteer day 
Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic: The Lao Red Cross National Blood Transfusion Centre joined forces with UN agencies for a blood donation day.  Read article
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03 September 2008
Anti-littering campaign 
Luang Prabang, Lao PDR: Volunteers with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme working in Lao PDR participated in an anti-littering campaign that brought together around 200 volunteers, of which 65 were children.  Read article
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01 December 2006
Enabling the disabled through sports in Laos 
Vientiane, Lao PDR: Give basketball on wheels a try! For IVD, various UN agencies and volunteer organizations are organizing different sports for disabled people and give non-disabled people the opportunity to gain insight on how disabled people live.  Read article
06 September 2006
China to send volunteer teachers to Laos, Ethiopia 
Shanghai, China: Around 150 to 200 young volunteers in China will be sent to countries in Africa, Latin America and the rest of Asia from this month as part of China's foreign assistance project, the China News Service said today.  Read article
From: Shanghai Daily, China


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