China to send volunteer teachers to Laos, Ethiopia
06 September 2006

Shanghai, China: Around 150 to 200 young volunteers in China will be sent to countries in Africa, Latin America and the rest of Asia from this month as part of China's foreign assistance project, the China News Service said today.

The enrollment of volunteers has already begun. Relevant requirements and information are available on the official website, said the news report.

Volunteers will go to these countries to help teach Chinese and sports, as well as promote traditional Chinese medicines, and agricultural and computer technologies, said the foreign assistance department under the country's commerce ministry.

China's Communist Youth League has sent 109 volunteers to Laos, Burma, Thailand and Ethiopia upon their requests since May 2002, said the report.

This year's foreign assistance project will be implemented in two phases, with the first set of around 100 volunteers being sent to Laos and Ethiopia to help teach Chinese, medical treatments, information technology, business management and social development.

Among them, 13 will set off to Laos by the end of this month, while 60 of the remaining will head to Ethiopia by the end of October. Information regarding the second phase is yet to be released.

A database of the applicants has been established, which offers an encouraging view on how many warm-hearted young people there really are in China, said the report.

From: Shanghai Daily, China
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