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13 June 2007
Aid agencies pledge continued efforts despite deaths of volunteers 
Youth volunteers are busy sorting humanitarian assistance in the Lebanese Red Cross centres for distribution to the most vulnerable. (Courtesy: IFRC)
Beirut, Lebanon: Aid agencies pledged to continue efforts to deliver relief and evacuate the injured from the besieged Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon despite an upsurge in fighting and death of two volunteers.

The LRC, the Palestine Red Crescent (PRC) and the ICRC issued a joint statement deploring the deaths of the two medical volunteers and stressing the importance of respecting medical and relief teams working in the field in support of the victims of the current hostilities.

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From: IRIN News
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08 May 2007
No prejudices, one mission: Young volunteers in Lebanon 
Beirut, Lebanon: Seventeen-year-old Shawky Amineddine first balked at the idea of volunteering. "I thought it was a waste of time, " he said. But after more than 280 hours of volunteering, he realized it opened a new world for him. Together with some friends, he formed "Volunteering with No Constraints" -- where young Lebanese under age 20, could volunteer regardless of their religious and political affiliations.   Read article
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12 April 2007
Youth volunteers restore hope in Lebanon 
Volunteers working at a school in Saida (Sidon). (David Snyder/CRS)
Sidon, Lebanon: For Abdel Razak and hundreds of other young volunteers, helping to pick up the pieces is their way to make a change for their country and provide a new generation with hope.   Read article
From: ReliefWeb
05 December 2006
Saving Lebanon's war-damaged beach  by Martin Patience
"I just knew that we had to do something," says Mokhtar, a high school student, "because if we didn't, nobody else would." Mokhtar is one of the volunteers who cleaned up the oil spill on Beirut's beaches caused by the recent Hezbollah-Israel conflict. (BBC News)
Beirut, Lebanon: As part of a series on young environmentalists in the BBC's Generation Next season, Martin Patience meets a 17-year-old who stepped in during the Israel-Hezbollah conflict to help save Beirut's oil-stricken beach.  Read article
From: BBC News, UK
13 October 2006
The horrors of war and volunteering (Day 3) by Mark Snelling
In Mount Lebanon district near Beirut, a Lebanese Red Cross volunteer talks to a displaced woman in order to collect data. Many of the displaced are staying in schools and receiving assistance from the Red Cross. (IFRC)
Mark Snelling visited Lebanon for the British Red Cross and wrote in his blog how volunteers cope with the horrors of the recent Hezbollah-Israel conflict.  Read article
From: AlertNet

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