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05 December 2008  - 05 December 2008
Malawi - IVD events

In Malawi it has been customary for the Volunteer Sending Agencies (VSA) to collaborate in organizing and ensuring successful commemoration of International Volunteer Day.  The agencies involved in this collaboration are Volunteer Service Organization (VSO), American Peace Corps, World University  Society of Canada (WUSC), Japanese International Cooperation Agency  (JICA) -JOCV Section, Progressio and UNDP/UNV.

The VSA usually sit and brainstorm on the most appropriate theme for the year. The theme is expected to advocate for a development issue that need immediate attention and can be effected through volunteering for development involving all forms of volunteerism. The adoption of the message is expected to contribute to the achievement of the national goal and the Millennium Development Goals.  The theme that was eventually chosen for this year is ‘Improving nutrition at the household level through volunteerism’

The event is scheduled to take place at Likuni Hospital’s Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit (NRU) garden.  

Advocacy activity will be through speeches and talks on food security and nutrition and how to improve nutrition for the household using locally available crops within the household garden/farm.

The main activity will be demonstrating the production of traditional vegetable crops as well as processing of high nutritive food from the traditional vegetable crops.

The preparatory committee has assigned duties to members so as to facilitate the process.

Programme and more details are attached below.