Mexico: Youth Festival
03 December 2007
by Aram Barra

My name is Aram Barra, 22 years old, Mexican.  I am also president to a youth led organization named Espolea A.C. that works since 2005 in Mexico.  For the past two years, we have been working on developing cultural programs to aid youngsters in Mexico City acquire further social interest and develop their own current condition.

For the upcoming IVD, we have organized a festival called Festival de Juventud (Youth Festival) that will take place from 4-8 December at Universidad de las Americas Ciudad de Mexico (UDLA), a private university in the Federal District of Mexico.  We have called upon the university student association (SAUDLA) to help us plan it and we will be also aided by a legal studies group (Societas Ius) that is looking upon becoming a new NGO to pursue legal advice targeting low-income young Mexicans.

The Festival includes an art exhibit from Carlos Bello, a 22 years old artist that is breaking through in the artistic scene of Mexico.  Also, it will project several short films by students of UDLA, along with a market type area where youngsters that produce art-crafts will be selling for the entire week.  Furthermore, Societas Ius will bring in a stand for legal advice aiming to help students.  Meanwhile, Espolea A.C. will present a stand for distributing information regarding the IVD and volunteering in all.

I can personally send pictures and videos (through youtube) as soon as the Festival is over, please let me know if this would be useful / viable.  Without further due, thank you in advance for your attention.
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